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Durban North, KZN


Director / School Counsellor

Mr C Moncur

Mr Moncur founded Cornerstone, in 2012, after seeing a dire need for remedial schools in the area. Mr Moncur comes from a Psychological background and is a registered Psychological counsellor who specialises in the following areas:

  • Play therapy
  • Family Counselling
  • Irlens Screening
  • Relationship counselling
  • Bereavement
  • Trauma
  • Victims of criminal acts
  • Sexuality / Sexual Identity
  • HIV / AIDS counselling

Mr Moncur works hands on with each student and plays an active role in each student's career at Cornerstone Remedial School. His passion of working with both children and families is what lead him down this path and one that he is grateful for on a daily basis.


School Principal / Developmental Class Teacher

Mrs I Ramdarie

Prior to joining Cornerstone Mrs Ramdarie was involved with LSEN at another remedial establishment as well as a home school setting, for 8 years . "I have enjoyed every moment of interaction and there's no limit to learning more to enhance my knowledge."

Mrs Ramdarie has a National Diploma in ECD , Advanced Certificate in Education; (School Management and Leadership; as well as attending LSEN course.

"Having been involved with learners that include ADD/ ADHD/ PDD/ Autism Spectrum, this is clearly my forte and is handled with the utmost compassion and dedication to each and every learner."

Mrs Ramdarie started out as a Grade 1 and 2 educator and moved on to being involved with the Grade 000 at her previous school. Thereafter, she was a facilitator and teacher at a remedial establishment.

There is a helpful tool Mrs Ramdarie uses to implement her varied teaching methodologies and that is a valuable quote:"reflective teaching practices involves thinking carefully about what you are doing and adjusting what you do in the light of your findings.."  

Mrs Ramdarie has been instrumental in foreseeing the planning and structure of our Developmental Class which is very dear to her and the passion and dedication is evident within. 

"I have been at Cornerstone since 2013 and cannot imagine myself doing any other thing. I currently hold the position of Principal and Remedial Educator for our Developmental class."


Mrs S Audhpersadh

Mrs Audhpersadh has been a part of Cornerstone Remedial School since January 2014. She is a graduate of UNISA with a Bachelor of Education degree in the Intermediate and Senior Phase.

"My passion for children has led me to Cornerstone. I have been teaching since 2007. It is my goal to ensure that I instil in my learners strong character, skills and habits of mind, for life in an ever-changing world. Helping children discover his or her passions and potential is of utmost importance to me."

Mrs Audhpersadh enjoys Photography on a part time basis and is a professional in this field. "It is wonderful capturing those special moments that can be treasured by many through generations to come."



Miss N Govindsamy

Miss Govinsamy has a B.Ed (Cum Laude pass) and specialises in Life Orientation, Technology as well as Int/Sen.

When asked how he feels about working with Cornerstone, Miss Govindsammy said “Cornerstone Remedial School has brought me closer to realising that teaching is my passion, irrespective of the learners and their needs.  I have bonded with these children and enjoy helping them grow and develop in a safe, relaxed and friendly environment.  Every day is a learning experience!"



Miss U Vermaak

Miss Vermaak had 6 years teaching experience working with all ages and all abilities, when starting at Cornerstone.  "My knowledge about children just grows and grows, as there is always something new to learn. Teaching is a great passion of mine and I love working  with children.  I truly believe in that saying 'tell me and I will forget, show me and I may remember, but involve me and I will learn'".

Miss Vermaak is a qualified NQF level 4 teacher and is currently studying for her Bachelors Degree in Education for Foundation Phase.  "When I have completed my degree I want to pursue therapy work."



Miss F Adamjee

Miss Adamjee started at Cornerstone with 8 years experience in various schools of Kzn and had previously worked directly with a Psychologist in private practice.

Her love for children and personal interest in all forms of Barriers to Learning, Inclusive Education, ADD, ADHD, Trauma, Counseling and School Guidance proves vital.

"Cornerstone holds a dear special place for me, as every child is a daily reminder of the miracles we have. The staff, parents and children are a team of pillars and together we are building, not just a future, but a lifetime lesson of love and respect, not just education, but rather inspiring each other and motivating/helping our young souls to develop their own talents and skills. Life may not be perfect, but a minor word or smile from a tiny human, and they will know just how to brighten your heart,leaving you with the reward of a peaceful sleep and a perfect night". - Miss Adamjee